Where do we go from here?

img_2375.jpgI decided to write this blog because I am interested in working for an agency that specializes in full-service public relations and marketing to Latinos. Although I initially thought this would be very limiting, it is in fact quite the opposite.

Latinos are everywhere and the population is only getting bigger – and that means the demand for culturally appropriate communications is increasing as well.

Cities with historically large and vibrant Latino communities, e.g., Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, etc., are no longer the only markets to consider. And, although large public relations agencies are slow to move into some of these markets – Phoenix comes to mind as a great example – that doesn’t mean that things won’t change.

During the last three months, I have agonized over the direction I want my life to take after college. I have an offer to move to New York City (albeit without a job), but I feel an inescapable connection to my roots in the West Coast.

I know that I can do what I want no matter where I go, but I need to want to be there to be successful.

Then again, maybe I just want to live in a city with a Spanish name.


  1. Well, San Antonio is a fantastically latino city that markets it’s latino culture as part of its tourism. I may be a bit biased… but it’s really a wonderful city even though often forgotten.

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