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img_2557.jpgLast week, AOL launched in Mexico. According to Maneesh Dhir, executive vice president of AOL International, “Mexico is an important market in the Latin American region,” and AOL is committed to meeting the needs of Mexican online consumers.

Partnering with Alestra for distribution and Grupo Editorial Expansion for content, AOL is taking the right approach by offering its services, which are familiar to many Americans, with a localized identity. AOL is also working with Hewlett-Packard Co. to develop a co-branded local portal as part of their global partnership.

According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, Mexico is the 17th of 30 proposed markets into which AOL will be expanding this year. The article also says that much of the motivation to expand into foreign markets is because AOL is losing subscribers at home.

Although AOL’s expansion isn’t unique to Mexico, if they market it properly it could have significant repercussions in the U.S., where many families communicate with relatives in Mexico. This could potentially change AOL’s fortune (no pun intended) domestically.

With services like free e-mail and instant messaging, AOL offers a variety of communication options for people who need to communicate with family and friends living abroad.

Developing this message will be a challenge, but I think it could be AOL’s greatest chance at success in Mexico and other markets in Latin America. If AOL does this right, it has everything to gain and little to lose.