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n712418437_101206_2195.jpgA new word has come to define the habits of Latino youth (and youth in general) in the United States: intraculturalism.

According to an article originally published on and republished on the Hispanic Public Relations Association Web site, “intraculturalism is a fluid process of identity formation that continually borrows from a diversity of traditions and attitudes.” It defines the ease with which American youths adopt and adapt aspects of a diversity of cultures into their identities.

The report comes on the heels of and in response to a groundbreaking study by Cheskin, a consultancy that drives innovation through its understanding of culture. “Nuestro Futuro: Hispanic Teens In Their Own Words” is the title of the report that asserts, “As a dominant trend among American teens, […] intraculturalism is bound to shape this country’s future cultural landscape.”

The study details the importance of three major themes in communicating with today’s youth:

The multiple levels of teen and ethnic complexity that define their self identity;

the influence they wield at home and in their external networks;

and their optimism expressed through their ambition and vitality.

I believe that intraculturalism will become the guiding influence on the practice of public relations in coming generations. Communications strategists are very skilled at segmenting populations into individual audiences; however, there is now a greater need to understand the confluence of identities and how it can affect key messages.

There is still a lot of research that needs to be done on this topic, but there is already great work like the study by Cheskin that can guide future efforts. Although trends are not reliable indicators of long-term behaviors, I believe that intraculturalism goes beyond a trend and defines the course of modern communications.

It will be exciting to see how the public relations world responds.